Helpful tips for designing a reading nook

A perfect spot to retreat and unwind with a book, newspaper, or journal doesn’t have to be too spacious. A reading nook should be an added feature in every home. It should be wonderful and cozy that you can’t resist. If you’re not into reading, dedicating a reading nook within your house is a good thing. You need a space where you can relax your mind, sit comfortably, adjust your floor lamp, and dive deep into your favorite novel. Here are a few reading nook design ideas.

Let soft materials in the mix

No piece of furniture is cozier than a chair you can simply sink into. Your reading chair should give you restful hours spent unwinding with your favorite book or magazine. Go for a chair with a sumptuous touch, then match it up with a pillow that blends in the touch with luxury bits of décor like wall hangings of souvenirs from your various vacations.

Light up your reading nook

Although a reading nook with lots of natural light will most definitely be a perfect spot, a good reading wall-mount sconce will create the cozy feel you most desperately need in your reading space. You should try a light with several settings so you can adjust the lighting depending on your needs and time of the day.

Set up a book storage space

You need ample storage space for books in your reading nook. You can look for inexpensive materials within your home to put up the storage space. You can buy a floating shelf or a chest of drawers and look for a nice corner to place them.

Keep electronics off your reading nook

Make sure your dedicated reading nook is well away from electronic sets, such as the computer or the television. These are distractions that won’t allow you to concentrate on reading.

Table space

You need ample table space to let you read comfortably. A minimalist refinished table will give you the much-needed space to place a cup of tea or coffee nearby. You can also place a vase of flowers or a small plant on the table. However, you need to make sure every item placed on the reading table is as relaxing as it can be.

Reading isn’t a thing for some people, but just because they haven’t found the right spot. You can become an avid reader if you dedicate a reading spot in your house. This way, you can end your day having refreshed your mind with new stuff. And if you’re still looking for interesting ideas, check out Tylko guide to creating a reading nook.

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