How to Achieve Bohemian Style for Your House Interior

Bohemian style has become a global go-to style for the most interior design enthusiast. Some people go as far as having clothing tailored to the Boho style as it is a hot and trendy look. By implementing this style, you get a unique aesthetic thanks to the incredible texture, colour, and pattern it comes with it.

What Is Bohemian Style?

The term Bohemian is derived from a French expression, La Boheme, which means gypsy. The gypsy population is known to implement unique solutions to common problems people face in their daily lives. And like gypsies, Bohemian style is a personal exotic way of decorating a space. The style mirrors the lives of artists, travelers, actors, and other unconventional lifestyles. So by combining colour, patterns, and objects, you achieve the Bohemian style.

Let’s find how you can achieve the look.

Lighting the Bohemian way

There is something about lighting a room- it comes with a whole new vibe. The Bohemian lighting isn’t just like any other lighting where you suspend bulbs from the ceiling. On the contrary, Boho lighting provides you with a welcome and calm feeling. You’ll need table and floor lamps, candles, and multiple lanterns across the room to achieve consistency. Fortunately, today’s market has numerous designs, shapes, and colours of lighting equipment you can choose from and create a perfect look for your house.

The Right Furniture

The Boho furniture way should encourage a sit and stay for a while kind of a feeling. You thus have to be very careful as you choose the right furniture to complement what Boho encourages. The good news is, it’s not hard. You only need to walk to various vintage shops and pick second hand or vintage-looking furniture.

You don’t have to pick one colour or style. Instead, it would help if you chose different coloured furniture to meet the Boho colour style. You can include couches, plush chairs, and have thrown rugs and pillows on the floor to encourage a floor seating atmosphere.

Decorate the Boho Way

To decorate the Boho way, forget about the sleek minimalist look and go for the “more is better.” Also, don’t think about buying new things. Instead, go for slightly worn out decorative materials. Don’t confuse the worn-out look with a damaged or torn decorative.

Instead, get crocheted, macramé, or fringed curtains, throw pillows, or rugs that will create a cosy feel when combined.


Another way to complete the bohemian style is adding as many plants in your room as possible. Botanicals bring a relaxed vibe in the room, encouraging visitors to stay longer and create a calm space for yourself. You can hang the plants and place several others across the room.

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